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Welcome to Seasonality, the little Cambridge company that makes the loveliest range of chutneys, jellies, marmalades and condiments. Let me explain how and why I make the products I do, and what makes them extra special.

It all started with a ramble and a bramble...
It's that irresistible desire to forage. Dog walks across the fields invariably meant big blackberry hauls through August and September (ok, purple-stained, well-prickled fingers may not be for everyone!), and we had so many blackberries that the obvious next step was to make jars and jars of Bramble Jelly. Friends and family loved it. One top London chef I really admire tried it and said it was "utterly delicious!" High praise indeed! And my passion to make really good things to eat has allowed me to forge a small pathway into making this a business.

From handpicked to handmade...
Every Seasonality product is made completely by hand. Every single fruit and vegetable is prepared and chopped by hand, as is every process beyond this too as I believe that the product is so much better that way.
My ingredients are sourced locally wherever possible, including quite a bit from my own garden, and by buying directly from the growers themselves. I strive to find the finest quality available and fortunately for me, East Anglia is one of the best providers of an enormous range of fresh produce, fruit, vegetables and even fiery chillies! I have also found locally produced cider vinegar and apple balsamic vinegar, and most of the sugar I use is produced just down the road in Bury St Edmunds.


What's currently on the go...?
Here are some of the range that Seasonality has in stock at various times of the year:

Seasonality Stock

Onion Marmalade is a slightly sweet chutney with peppery overtones, made with dark brown sugar and Aspall's Apple Balsamic Vinegar to add a depth of flavour. It is particularly good with sausages and anything else that comes off the barbecue for that matter. Sandwich it with some cheese, dollop it on the side of a Ploughmans or try it with some soft goats cheese.

Seasonality's best selling Piccalilli is crammed full of crunchy vegetables, including cauliflowers, cucumbers, celery, courgettes, onions and red peppers for a sweet contrast against the spicy smooth mustardy sauce.

Spiced Apricot & Cardamom Chutney is superb with almost everything I think, cheese, gammon, cold meats, delicious on a poppadum or two - make up your own mind...

Clementine Marmalade Piccalilli Spiced Apple & Cider Jelly

Pear Chutney - Good chunks of locally grown pears in a subtle spiced sauce that goes as well in a sandwich as it does with roast poultry and ham. Available in the Autumn.

Fig Relish is made with figs steeped in lemon and mustard then cooked slowly to produce a relish that is sticky, sweet and yet a little bit sharp. It is perfect for serving with a cheese board.

Bramble Jelly - Made with hand-picked blackberries growing out in the East Anglian countryside and not an artificial gelling agent in sight. Perfect with duck and game, or stirred into porridge, or on hot toast, buttered crumpets... I could go on.

Winter Spiced Cider Jelly with a hint of cloves and cinnamon to bring a warm depth of flavour to the apple cider jelly. It is excellent with gammon and cold meats, and pretty good with roasted pork too. Just right on a cold day.

Chilli Jelly Pear Chutney Seasonalitys' Security

Seville Orange Marmalade Seville oranges are available for a very short time so I spend January making the perfect and very popular hand-cut Seville Orange Marmalade. Then to some I add stem ginger to make a warming Ginger Marmalade, or a good glug of whisky to other batches for a more indulgent Whisky Marmalade.

Pink Grapefruit Marmalade on hot buttered toast has such a zing it will really wake you up at breakfast-time!

Clementine Marmalade, the seasonally fabulous product and oh, so Christmassy!

What whets your appetite?
Is there something you'd like to see in my range? Well just let me know and I'll see what I can do. I always like to think of suggestions as possible opportunities!

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